Review: Ketamed DCK HCl

Reviewketamed (Archetyp)
Type of orderPurchase – $210 USD
OrderDCK HCl (Deschloroketamine) – 2g
CountriesUnited States
Service5/5Ketamed is without a doubt my favorite domestic vendor currently. It’s really nice not having to worry about getting these dissos seized to acquire them from overseas. I’ve had success only once with getting LL products and Ketamed putting these in his shop makes getting them a lot less of a headache.
Shipping5/5The order took a little over a week to ship but once it was shipped it arrived in ~4 days.
Stealth5/5The stealth was switched up a little bit this time which I really enjoyed. The Stealth was still very secure as usual.
Communication5/5Ketamed kept giving me updates on both Archetyp and their own subdread until DCK would be listed once again. Any time I send Ketamed a message, they often respond in no more than 24 hours later. Ketamed is also very friendly and informative in all his messages which makes me very comfortable to message them when I need to.
Product info
QuantityI put it in a bag and then weighed the bag after taring an empty bag of the same size so this probably isn’t the most accurate method of weighing the product. After taring and weighing the bag, it read over 2.000g which is all I really care about.
Price Value5/5I’d say this purchase has a good price value for a novel disso domestic in the US. It really helps the price value that Ketamed gives discounts with higher quantities unlike other vendors I’ve seen providing the same disso(s). I got this before Ketamed raised his prices and even now I’d say it still has good price value despite the raised prices.
Aesthetic5/5The DCK came in a sugary looking off-white powder. Honestly, based off pictures, I always thought DCK was more of a chalky powder for some reason but seeing it in this sugary form kind of reminds me of ketamine sugar which is a consistency I like.
ReagentI did not test the product.


Comments: I’m glad I got to try another one of the dissos I’ve always wanted to try. Although, I seemed to not enjoy the effects of DCK as much as other dissos I’ve tried. It was still enjoyable and I’m glad I got to try it tho! I would probably purchase it again in the future next time it’s around. Near the end of my bag, I realized that IM was by far my favorite ROA that I got the best effects and results from.

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