|Review| 'Thanks for the weather, Tom. Next up! AB vendor Lain DETHRONING mf's in the flower game'

Lain on AlphaBay – /u/emptyDevil Driver & Detroit Runtz
Market: AB
Vendor Name: Lain
Escrow Listing: Yes
Product: Devil Driver & Detroit Runtz
Price: $150/oz
Quality (1-10): 11/10
Customer Service – 10/10 – This dude is so fucking chill and nice, it is a great relief from dealing with my other vendors who, at times, WERE like that – then I’ve watched it go downhill. Lain’s customer service is TOP NOTCH (aka not jaded by the assholes creeping amongst us)Shipping / Stealth – Definitely good – and FUCK YEAH to my man for not vacuum sealing the stuff into oblivion
Clear Sales Terms: Yes
PM Response Time: responded within a few hours
Easy to work with: Yes
Accepted / Shipped times: 3 days tor to door
Printed shipping label: Yes
Stealth: more than adequate in barriers and odor control
Product Pictures and description

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