Rickchem review


-Sample or Order (S or O): O

-Customer Service (1-5): 5, super responsive and helpful

-Product Quality (1-5): 2fma first time It was potent per mg as reported on the wikis lol, so 5

-Product Consistency (1-5): overall his products are highly consistent, I will order again for now 5

-Processing Speed (1-5): over 9000, it arrived three days early. Take that USPS

-Price Value (1-5): 5, He’s always had quality product with more than fair and competitive prices

-Vendor Trust (1-5): 5

-Reorder Possibility (1-5): right after taxes, I mean 5

-Was the stealth and opsec up to par? Yes

-Was it vacuum-sealed? Yes

-Properly sealed solution/baggies? Yes

-Was there a decoy/misdirection? Yes

-Additional Thoughts and Comments: dudes been consistent for the 3 months I’ve done business with him, parcels often arrive earlier than expected, they’re very well organized and neatly packed, and he has a normie job that keeps him constantly busy. Greatly respect the dude for his ethic and composure

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