Risks of carding high value items to your residence?

I know the best practice is to use a drop, but I was in a hurry and somehow carded expensive electronics item… like a $3k laptop from Costco … my first order was cancelled but second one somehow went through after using a VPN with cardholder geolocation… i didnt work without membership number…. so i used the second attempt with a membesrhip ID number i guess that lowered my fraud score… i put a fake name for shipping address…
They use UPS for delivery and heard they just drop it off… I can deny placing the order and say someone hacked my ID and say i know nothing about it
Costco is one of the few high end electronics places (wll its a general store) that doesnt use VBV.. Best Buy or other retailers like Dell have very high security and also use VBV or 2-fa to verify by SMS…
ordered carded stuff all the time but nothing really high value (shit like food, clothhing, accessories)… but is this practice super risky.. i know local LE only gets involved if cardholder is local… for a megacorp this is pocket change but still want to cover my bases… i bought for personal use and not to sell… do they only come after people who are big time like trying to card $50k in Iphones/TVs??

Worried the company/corp might take legal action once they find the chargeback…so I can return the item before then but also these companies have screwed me over many times (denying returns for defective products or one day past return date)…
I can use a drop like a Wework so they cant trace it to your reisidence or ship to a hotel/AirbnB ….

They may ban my address from placing online orders in future or cancel my membership but I dont want trouble from LE …..i know online fraud is a big problem for companies and they rarely go after ppl but want to be on the safe side and minimize risk.. .

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