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MDMA purple moonrock
3.5g MDMA purple moonrocks
Listing NameMDMA Purple Moonrocks 1g-14g
Listing TypeEscrow
Picture Link Photo is not the best, but crystals are indeed pale/dark purplehttp://uoxqi4lrfqztugili7zzgygibs4xstehf5hohtkpyqcoyryweypzkwid.onion/?img=251682643493.JPG
Reagent Test PositiveAll 1-Marquis, 2-Mecke, 3-Mandelin, 4-Liebermann, 5-Froehde, 6-Ehrlich came back positive for MDMA (sorry, no Simon). http://uoxqi4lrfqztugili7zzgygibs4xstehf5hohtkpyqcoyryweypzkwid.onion/?img=301682636079.JPG
Purity Test Very high MDMA contentSee MDMA purity test by testkitplus[DOT]com. http://uoxqi4lrfqztugili7zzgygibs4xstehf5hohtkpyqcoyryweypzkwid.onion/?img=221682636154.JPG
Fentanyl NegativeAs expected, obviously. http://uoxqi4lrfqztugili7zzgygibs4xstehf5hohtkpyqcoyryweypzkwid.onion/?img=441682636199.JPG
GetYourDrugTested[dot]com TBACode: RR-M04/23. A Vancouver lab who test drugs for free with FTIR spectrometer. A previous user ( /u/oppositedensity ) sent the same product this month with code empirical and tested out as pure MDMDA. Will update when I’ll get the results.
Quantity Rating 10/10Product was generously overweight (+1.1g), very nice surprise on the scale. Almost thought I’d forgot to tare!
Quality Rating TBAI have yet to test it. Will update soon.
Aesthetic 10/10Very close looking to picture. I’ve never saw crystals before. They break easily with fingers, but need a little something to crush them. Some parts on the crystals are more dark purple than other. Some parts are translucid with some white “fluff”. It has a very faint licorice/anis odour
Price Value 9/10$146 CAD for 3.5g. A bit more expansive than a competitor, but considering the overweight and the incredible speed of delivery, I’d say it’s worth it.
Overall Product Rating 10/10Have yet to test it, but have no doubt it is high quality. We never know these days with street drugs, so I’m glad I found a reliable source.
Shipping OptionXPRESSPOST
Shipping Time 10/10Shipment was accepted and shipped the same day and arrived two days afterwards. If that’s not meep meep roadrunner speed, I don’t know what is!
Stealth Quality 10/10Funnily enough, this stealth is better than what I’ve received from internatinal vendors. Such a shame we can’t keep it as a “souvenir”!
Overall Shipping Rating 10/10Incredible, nothing to add.
Clear Sales Terms YES
Friendliness 10/10Yup
Professionalism 10/10You can see they are pros.
Response Time 10/10Fast enough.
Overall Customer Service Rating 10/10They are active on dread and engaged with their customers. It’s nice and reasuring to see.
Here is yet another satisfied customer with RR. First experience with them (first time going domestic actually). As it is for domestic, price was a little over another legit competitor, but shipment was overweight and incredibly fast. Very good and cool stealth. I think I’ve found “my guy”. Thanks a lot RR!

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