ScotchhAndCoca 4-MMC Review

Vendor DetailsProduct Details
Market: Incognito
Vendor Name: ScotchhAndCoca
Escrow Listing: No
Product: 1g 4-MMC Mephedrone
Price: 17,30€ (free shipping)
Quality (1-10): 8
Customer ServiceShipping / Stealth
Clear Sales Terms: Yes
PM Response Time: ?
Easy to work with: ?
Shipping time: ~1 week to central europe
Printed shipping label: Yes
Stealth (Please be vague): Smell barrier, visual barrier
Product Pictures and description
The product came as yellowish paste. Too lazy for picture atm, might follow later.
Personal experience / thoughts on product and order
TL;DR: 57,1% 4-MMC, no cuts, fast delivery, okay stealth, trustworthy vendor.

I got this 4-MMC tested at a drug checking facility. They recently gathered the ability to quantify cathinones so I had to give it a shot. It isn’t the purest but at least is isn’t cut with any dangerous substances.

The product sold to me consists of:
4-MMC: 57,1%

I consider this result okay because it contains no harmful shit. But still, I think you can get something better. The package also weighed only 0,88g which means 0,12g underweight. And the vendor makes a trustworthy impression to me.

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