[SELL] Laptops with bootable USB drive

After seeing a couple posts here and there, of people asking how/ where they can buy a laptop anonymously, why not see if I can sell them on the Darknet.

I am offering Lenovo T450 bundled with a 32GB Tails USB (or distro of your choice) for $400 US. Please not the SSD will be reformatted and wont be bootable out of the box.

Lenovo t450 on its own – $385

Additional bootable usb drives -$30 each.

Worldwide shipping (some countries excluded)

I can also provide other hardware and devices to meet your specific needs, such as an x230 with Qubes, librem 14, Pixel with graphene etc.

Jabber/ XMPP – [email protected]

Monero is prefered, however I will accept bitcoin but there will be an additional 10% to total purchase (I’m not going out of pocket for you can’t be asked to buy Monero)


All hardware sold will be second hand, unless you have specific requests.

Shipping is NOT included in listed prices.

There is also a lead time of up to three business days, (I don’t hold stock/ don’t shit where you eat)

(Sorry mods if this is not allowed, I just wanted to test the waters and see if people are interested before committing a couple of hundred to a vendor bond)

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