Staying anonymous online is easy. It's your offline opsec that determines your fate.

Of course it’s important to stay extremely vigilant with your online opsec, but law enforcement are not starting online and working backwards in an attempt to find you. Unless you make it TOO Easy for them.

No, they wait for you to make a mistake on their turf. Outside. It’s usually mistakes made in the real world that get people in trouble.

Vendors dropping off all their packages at the same blue box, same time, everyday.

Vendors waltzing into the actual PO and dropping their kilograms of dope off every day (I’m looking at you, Narco).

Vendors using their own car, and parking right next to the box, instead of parking at a distance, away from any cameras, and walking to the box. Not studying your chosen drop off locations for the day. Not randomizing which boxes (multiple is key, don’t dump em all at one box) you go to and when you go every time (law enforcement loves a good pattern)

Buyers purchasing internationally, large quantities, from hot countries. If you live in the united states and are getting international shipments to save on money, please stop. You will have plenty of time to save money at your $0.60/hr job in the laundry room at your local fed prison.

Buyers continuing to use an address after receiving a love letter.

Buyers checking on their tracking # too often.

These are the things that usually get people caught, not whether or not you accidentally logged into dread with javascript enabled.

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