Steps for setting up separate I2P laptop. Is this the correct steps?

Realizing from all I’ve learned here, that the safest way to access the DN is via a separate laptop with an I2P USB drive. Here are the steps as I can best figure. Please pass on a site or better list if anyone knows one:

1. Buy a cheap laptop specifically for DN (ebay? Chrome laptop? Any other specs needed? )

2. Install OS (Debian is the best? Linux? Only worked on Macs up to this point so I’m looking for an easy interface).

3. Purchase a TAILS USB. Not sure what site to get this from, or if that matters.

4. Plug in TAILS and … startup from the OS in that USB?

5. Download I2P from and install on the TAILS USB.

Beyond that is clear as mud, but I suspect the next set of steps will reveal themselves once I do the above steps.

Any clarification or sites that lay out these steps will be much appreciated.

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