The Frostiest Weed on the Planet

Vendor /u/empty (lain on Alphabay)

112g Craft Flower – Devil Driver Bred by Tiki Madman. Devil Driver comes with extraordinarily high THC levels. The parent strains Sundae Driver x Melonade, provide a very fruity terpene profile, with energetic sativa leaning effects. The nugs come with vibrant colors, bright green, dark purple, loaded with tons of milkey white frost and burnt orange hairs. Nugs are medium to large, perfect structure, trim and texture. Very thoughtfully grown craft cannabis right here.

Due to excessive ddos on TOR, the photos are hosted on a clearnet site


Final Thoughts This weed is strong and fruity, like a gay man at the pride parade. I am not sure how much lain has left. If you’re curious, I suggest you reach out TODAY!

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