TheProfessionals – Diamond Grade Heroin Review

Product Description:
Advertised as uncut #4 Heroin suitable for IV use, their highest grade (they have a lower grade offering as well similar to Daddy Inc’s market grade and Lion).

Purchased 1.5 grams as two separate items (1g and another .5g).

1 gram – $500 + $17 express shipping
0.5g – $270 + $17 express shipping
Total – $804

Order was dispatched on the same day it was made, arrived 7 days later via express to an adjacent state, blame the postal system as not much any vendor can do. Requested tracking number on the 7th day and received it within 30 minutes.

Non-existent, not much more to say to that than stealth costs extra but highly recommend purchasing it. Package felt sketchy inside the express bag.


This is premium H, my personal opinion is that in terms of quality it lies between AussieBabe’s recent batches of UOGlobe and closely trails Inc’s Lion which is without exception the best H I can recall recently having. No information is given on which stamp/brand it is, but the appearance to me was slightly less reflective/shiny/crystalline than Inc’s Lion and looked much more like the stuff AussieBabe is selling. However the quality is slightly superior to theirs. Product smokes cleanly with no residue on foil and dissolves completely in water without any stirring required. It’s a high quality offering and comparable to Inc’s Lion in my opinion, only being edged out slightly.

Test Results:
I know a lot of people really want to see this be fent tested for obvious reasons, but unfortunately I don’t have any on hand at the moment.

– At $500 vs $690 per gram for Inc’s Lion it’s great value
– The shipping and additional stealth costs bite into the margin a bit and frankly they need to have combined shipping costs instead of paying $34 for express shipping with ZERO stealth as the $17 charge is applied to each individual item. If you add in stealth options and order several products the shipping costs rack up quickly
– The stealth level is just unacceptable as far as I’m concerned, it’s 2021, it doesn’t matter if it’s domestic or not. It would stand out to any half clued-up mail handler and states are frequently running operations for domestic mail these days

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