TheWhiteLight – Santa Cruz Fluff Tabs – Promo

Type of orderPurchase – PROMO 5 tabs of Santa Cruz Fluff – 5 Tabs for $10.00
Order5 tabs of Santa Cruz Fluff 94%
CountriesUS to US
Service5/5Ordered Wednesday Night, got it Friday
Shipping6/5 1.5 days t2d!!! Insanely fast.
Stealth5/5 LSD stealth is already pretty good, but this is next level.
Communication5/5Very active
Product info
Quantity 5 tabs, exactly what I ordered
Price Value5/5It was a promo, but regular price this is worth it very unique xtal.
Aesthetic5/5very colorful tabs


Comments: Great xtal! 94% purity. I prefer these tabs when tripping in place where you can chill. Here is a 300 ug trip report:

0:00 – dropped 300 ug of Santa Cruz Fluff

0:15 – colors are getting bighter, feeling light in the stomach

0:23 – absolutely insane body sensations and keyboard is starting to wiggle

0:44 – colors are insane bright and things are starting to become more cartoony

1:23 – starting to trip pretty hard

2:00 – feels like I’m coexisitng with reality, I can feel my lungs with every breath

2:37 – visuals are very wavy, like buzzings

5:00 – absolutely just got lost in myself, thinking about my personal life and the direction and control I have over it. All this while I did strange things in my room, like just reorganizing things here and there to prove I can bend reality

6:23 – coming to my senses knowing what I have to do

7:12 – starting to comedown, now I can reflect kind of on the trip

In conclusion, these would probably be some of the best tabs I’ve tried. Usually I like to do high purity xtals in the 98-99% zone, but you usually don’t get a headspace with them. This is the perfect headspace as I was able to think and explore my brain without the “heavy” feeling I get on lower pure xtals, I’m usually not a fan of body load, but this body load was extremely sensational it honestly felt kinda good? I would recommend these tabs if you are planning to chill at a place rather than being out and about. Amazing tabs, some of the best I’ve tried.

My bad for very late review, just wanted to wait until the right time to try these tabs.

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