This DDOSING is starting to become ridiculous.

For the Vendors, For the market admins and most importantly the customer.

We’re all here to make money. But As a vendor I seriously care about providing a spot on service. Good Prices, Good stealth Top Quality product.

However I can’t get my head around the motive of attacks on two of the biggest markets. I’m referring to ASAP and Versus. I Vend on both platforms and I also vend on Alphabay.

They’re all fantastic markets. Each have their own quirks and features that I like and they get okay traffic. Some much better than others, but whatever a sales a sale.

Now at the moment ASAP and Versus are down and I’ve yet to see a problem with alphabay’s servers being down.

Now you’d think Customers would just go to alpha to buy the product and the sales would shift. But it doesn’t work like that way at all.

All that’s occurred is I am a vendor am missing out sales on ASAP and Disappointing my customers who I care about. I’m FE status and the withdraw is near instant so it doesn’t matter if I can get on and print the order. I’m paid. However the poor customers who are finally getting on are having their cash trapped because an order gets refunded to their site wallet. ASAP are a good team, They’re gonna fight to the end I have no doubt about it so if you’re in the situation I’m describing they’re not going anywhere.

Versus works on an auto payout system minus the BTC and the orders sit until they’re accepted, but again great team and they’re obviously not going anywhere most of the btc is multisig. So they cant run off with it anyway and their escrow times on xmr are so short it’s cool.

Alphabay has an awesome UI and is ran by a DN Vet. I was customer of the original alpha and it was a great market, I think the Alpha 2.0 Does it justice, and is always up but I’m not seeing much more business considering my two other stores are being knocked offline. it’s not like addition by subtraction is occurring here. Overall I’m losing a lot of potential business, and making people around the country happy by receiving something to use to relax, medicate or unwind. Lifes a bitch; we all need a bit of fun.

THEN don’t even get me started about Dread being knocked offline. That’s as low as it gets.

I’m ranting, but it’s just such a fucking shame that when we finally have some stable markets and have sivved out the shit we’ve got this going on.

Can’t we just put aside our differences and make money while making people happy.

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