…Try not to be Nasty…..Its nice to be nice

Hey Ladies and Gents,

Juts thought we’d share an example of how not to be be, vendor and customers alike.

Story goes new customer ordered some distillate on Wednesday, we shipped Wednesday Express…

We try really hard to discreetly and quickly ship everyone their packages we do, most orders comes NDD but at the moment there are delays….anyway tacking shows it has hit his state but not been delivered yet…likely arrive Monday…we logged on to find this lovely little message from aforementioned customer this eve…

———( bro wtf did you send my package using slow mail? I was hoping to try your product before the weekend but i guess i have to wait a fucking week.

Please send express tracking next time. waiting a week when you live in NDD zone fucking sucks. )———-

Lets just all try and remember we have the privilege of full bellies and being able to order really good drugs to the comfort of our homes while some people go hungry and freeze.

We remember positive polite people and they are rewarded with free sh*t in their orders, deal…etc etc…it really does pay to be nice…and it just feels fu*kn good

Dont be a shit c*nt

Have a great weekend everyone

HtAus <3

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