vendor pissed at my feedback / what would you do?

Hi guys, long time lurker first time poster.

Sorry this post isn’t about anything more interesting than tobacco but i could really do with some input, and if this was about coke or something expensive I definitely think you’d get my point?

Basically recently I ordered 10x 50g pouches of tobacco. order came within a few days, I tested the product and i finalized in very good time considering (i feel) what I’m about to go in to. I left a positive but honest review, notes on vendor, stealth, postage times, quality of product all the normal things and it all reflected pretty well on them until i mention the fact that all 10 pouches actually only contained 40g of product each instead of the 50g advertised and also printed on the packaging. my comment was more a note to potential buyers that buy to sell on / bring to the attention of the vendor that they may need to check their supplier. I logged off for the weekend all was good and i still wasn’t overly bothered about my order being underweight…

Monday rolls around and i log on to my chosen market to place an order and I’m greeted to notifications of their reply to my feedback and new messages form them. The reply to my feedback was all but calling me a liar but the inboxes seemed fairly civil but still insistent that i was wrong or my scales were off. to which i explained how i know my way around a set of scales, that they are fairly accurate (to within a pinch of salt) and that i was more than happy to record a video of me weighing the pouches of tobacco as well as a coin with a verified weight so that they knew my scales were as accurate as i claimed… this is where they started getting a little more defensive than i would have thought, i mean you’d say “sorry for the mistake, i’ll look in to it” wouldn’t you? instead they let it be known they wouldn’t bother entertaining any evidence and it seemed to revert into some kind of dick swinging contest about how many years they have been selling and how many thousands of pouches a week that they hand pack… Call me suspicious but this alone was a bit of a red flag to me, originally i hadn’t even considered they hand pack it themselves and just assumed they bought in 1000’s or something and sold in packs of 10-100… How can they possibly hand pack thousands of pouches a week, not know they are consistently under weighing each pouch by almost exactly 10 grams / 20% a pouch and even if they weren’t aware, surely you’d look into it for the sake of your customers / your own reputation?

Obviously I’m not looking for a refund or to start a dispute, i finalized and was happy with my order until the vendor came back at me about my review, but it got me thinking.. if the metaphorical dick that was swung at me is accurate (that they pack up to 10,000 pouches of tobacco a week) and if my experience is mirrored but not noticed by others ( i handle my own fair share of 50g bacci pouches and knew something was off, but others might not) unless i’m too high and my maths is wrong 10,000 pouches multiplied by 10 grams a pouch short, this vendor could be shorting people of up to 100kg of tobacco a week, and not even be willing to look into it.

Like i say, i was only short 100g / 2 pouches (10g x 10 pouches) but there are people buying 100 pouches a time off this vendor and at 10g a pouch / 20% down, they’re losing out on 20 pouches worth of tobacco, which isn’t chump change.

Is this worth bringing to the attention of the market? What would you guys do? Like i say all in all I was happy with my experience already knowing i had been short sold, (it seemed insignificant to me until they mentioned they hand packed 10,000 pouches a week) however this could be more than just a one off

I’d be interested in your input, thanks for taking the time on this long ass boring read.

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