Vendor DetailsProduct Details
Market: Bohemia
Vendor Name: CosmicCannabis
Escrow Listing: Yes
Product: 110ug LSD 10 Tabs
Price: $35 shipped
Quality (1-10): 9
Customer ServiceShipping / Stealth
Clear Sales Terms: Yes
PM Response Time: Replied to all my questions and included tracking
Easy to work with: Yes
Accepted / Shipped times: Accepted and marked shipped within 6 hours after placing order.
Printed shipping label: Yes
Stealth (Please be vague): Stealth + Visual/Smell barrier
Product Pictures and description
Personal experience / thoughts on product and order

Customer Service – I have made plenty across multiple markets usually I feel like I get treated like cattle when I make an order usually my messages go unanswered so it was nice to be treated like a person for a change. The Vendor replied to all my messages and even supplied tracking which was nice because I know most vendors usually don’t provide this and it was helpful especially because I was heading out of town. The vendor even upgraded my shipping speed from USPS First to USPS Priority which was an amazing added bonus for the shipping price being only $5.00.

Stealth – Was incredible I won’t reveal exactly what methods were used but I almost thought I got scammed because the tabs were concealed so well.

Reagent Tests – Ehrlichs Reagent courtesy of the bunk police, upon adding the reagent the color changed quick to a nice shade of purple. The blotter passed my reagent test so I knew I wasn’t about to consume N-Bomb like I have gotten from other shady vendors elsewhere. (Results Pictured Above)

Trip Report

Dose : (2) Tabs 220 ug
Onset: 45 Minutes
Peak: 7 hours
Comedown: 7.5 – 8 hours

I dropped 2 tabs with my wife not expecting these tabs to hit me so hard… but… well… they did;
I tripped HARD… AF. I honestly wasn’t expecting a full on ego death experience from 2 tabs but that’s what happened. After about 45 minutes of dropping the tabs my wife and I meandered around our apartment looking for our bong as we could both begin to feel the effects of the coming on but we wanted to try and amplify it more. So we smoked a few bowls and laid back on our couch and began watching that 70’s show.

After about an hour or two of chilling watching eric about to get a foot up his ass we got a little restless and the colors from the show began to melt off the screen and onto the walls so we decided we would go for a nice walk to the park down the street and look at the nice fall leaves.

My wife and I sat at a bench in the park and smoked a cigarette while we both just felt the effects getting stronger and stronger, after about 30 minutes of watching the nice orange leaves and tracers from the car headlights, We opted to head back home.


By the time we got back home that 70’s show was still playing I managed to plop myself onto the couch where I ripped off my shirt and pants and just laid there while I had a full on EGO DEATH. The colors from the lights we had in our apartment mixed with the trippy vibes of the show and the 220ug near peaking had me tripping like a primal ape. I laid and just rolled and grunted while the walls melted and the colors and textures just created and near orgasm to visually see, everything began to melt into geometric patterns when I would stare at them for an extended period of time. I would close my eyes to come to grips but It would only help so much as the closed eye visuals were another beast of their own.

I essentially rolled around on the ground for what seem like an eternity while I just lay in an orgasmic bliss watching everything just melt all around me. I would go into more detail but this was about me nearing the peak of the journey, The CEV’s and OEV’s lead me to complete dissolution I had know idea what I was what was life and what was even happening anymore I was everything and I loved everyone.

My wife and I ended up rolling up into a blank ball on our couch and somehow made it to bed where we watched our color changing ceiling light morph across the ceiling while we laid there for our comedown.

Overall this LSD hit harder than most it felt like more like 150ug per tab

Cant wait to trip again thank you for the bomb LSD CosmicCannabis

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