Vendor review: DutchEnterprises (SCAMM)

This vendor (scammer in more a accurate words), which is present in the most markets of the DN, shows apparently interestig offers like 50€ per 10 grams of dry speed sulphate or 20 XTC pills (10 popSmoke+ 10 skulls My brand, which actually are good pills) Before starting I had some doubts due such a low price, but finally I just decide to try some luck and place an order. It was 10 grams of speed powder and 20 XTC tablets and paid FE (is the only payment method he acepts) about 120 euro, the order was marked as “shipped” a few hours later. Market was Archetyp, by the way.

After 2 weeks, as I hadn’t recived anything, I wrote him a message just telling that the order was taking too long (parcells from Holand to Spain rarely takes more than 8-10 days to arrive),response from him was that sometimes shipping to my country caused some problems and took longer as it should. He asked me to wait one more week and told me that if nothing arrived he would give me a full refund. It didn’t give me a good vibe, although didn’t seem like anything was out of the regular course either, so I assumed maybe I was being a little impatient and waited another week.

After that week I wrote back to him again just telling that I still didn’t receive any parcell. I asked him on different days if he really shipped my order, and if so, on which date aproximately. I never got an answer about. By the way I’d sent him orders ID and my details on previous messages, just in order to make our communication easier.

From this moment on, his answers to my messages were in a mocking tone, treating me like if I were a retarded, always responding one or two days later, giving me absurd answers such as “what is your shipping country?” pretending not to remember what my order was. Of course, previously he told me that sending to my country sometimes causes some issues (not true at all), then after a bunch of days later he asks me what my country is (?????? WTF). He even told me to wait 10 more days (10 days!!! after almost a month!!).

This was my first time using Archetyp so my user account is new. Seeing this he might thought that could be the perfect chance for an easy scamm.As I paid FE and had no chance to open a dispute, I thought I was tired of this shitty whole thing and that had enough, so I give him negative feedback and review.

After this I got a couple of messages from him in more like in a self-victimizing tone, asking me why I din’t talk to him before (THIS GUY IS FUCKING FUNNY ISN’T IT? HAHAHA I’ve been several days asking him for a solution, and I got no other offering to fix the problem than wait more time), saying as well that he would have re-sent the order to me without any problem, that the problem was that he couldn’t find my order ID (HAHAHA) and bullshit like that. No compensation offering this time either.

I guess that his tactic could be something like: never send any package on first, and then when the customer begins to complain and ask about, makes him bored giving excuses in order to make waste his time as much possible, and finally ends up giving the the 25% of reship he offers in his return policy, of course making their customers feel like he’s doing them a favor instead of scamm them. Ok, this last part was a bit conspiratorial and putting some irony on it, but it might even make sense. That could explain some prices he offers.

If any of you had thought of ordering from this vendor I would recommend stay away from him, if you will, I wish y’all to have more luck than me.

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