What are the best test kits for 2c and/or coke ?

I’ve found a site called bunk police, don’t know if they’re reliable, but do sell a marquis spot test kit, which they say can test for cutting agents (which include 2c). It seems weird that 2c is considered a cutting agent vs its own drug, but if that’s correct, then its good enough for me. I’d just like some confirmation or guidance if that isn’t the best option.

Likewise, since I’m on the topic. If I was concerned about fent in coke that I get from a dealer. Would getting fent test strips be a good idea? The site also has a mecke spot test which says it can test coke. I may like to know if it’s cut with something else besides blow, but definitely don’t want fent in it.

would greatly appreciate any information here

Cheers in advance

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