What Needs to Happen (What Won’t Happen)

all drugs need to be decriminalized for starters and all the poor sods in jail for possession charges should be released and their convictions overturned

next step is federally legalizing cannabis and psychedelics (that would come with an info sheet like all meds do warning about drug interactions and side effects and more drug education would be great not just a 30 minute talk by an actor when you’re in fifth grade)

then we need to adopt an approach to opiates like canada where users can legally obtain pure Hydromorphone hypodermic tablets which cuts out crime, overdose and financial hardship (legal opiates are cheap as chips, prohbition has turned them to gold, and as we aussies know all to well just cuz somethings been taxed to shit people just keep buying i.e. cigs and alcohol)

also we need to address the speed problem Aus has by either A) providing addicts pure methamphetamine tablets that they can sniff smoke or shoot or B) prescribe take home doses of dexamphetamine/methyphenidate as an alternative

if we are still allowed to consume, create and sell alcohol which is of course a carcinogenic, disinhibiting hard drug- that has been used in more rapes than GHB, Rohypnol and Xanax combined, has destroyed more families than the milk man and is present in nearly every single domestic abuse case (which good old straya has lots of) then why the fuck can’t we handle anything else? the answer is money, the war on drugs is just a class war like it always has been

soz for the rant, if you read this far- thank you,
i hope we see change soon

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