What will you do when monero encryption is eventually broken?

Although we are still decades away, there will come a time when ML and AI will make monero as easy to trace as bitcoin. Once bitcoin was though to be untraceable, but now former cyber criminals are being caught years later because they cashed out with BTC, even though BTC was safe back in 2013 when they did their stuff.

That day with monero will come in the future. Even though most vendors can use something like localmonero.co to cash out a couple thousand in cash, what about market owners who need to cash out millions? It’s quite tough to try and cash out millions in cash.

If the government opens the case on you in some number of years (whenever xmr is deanonymized), they’ll be able to see what wallets you moved it in and out of on the blockchain and eventually what exchange you used to cash out through and the kyc info (back account, etc.) that goes with it.

I guess my question is, how do you prevent yourself from getting caught in a couple decades when the government is able to go back and trace your xmr from the market to your exchange account.

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