What’s going on in /d/Meth?

There’s a moderator (RIP Meth 9000/WeAre9000) holding some sort of charity (/d/Project_Spare_Change) for testing that makes no sense in the context of methamphetamine on the markets, taking coin from the users, and banning anyone who disagrees with him about it or questions it.

I just commented on it (just poking holes in it, honestly, didn’t expect anything to come of it), and was banned in under 2 minutes for spamming. I only made one post.

http://linx4f75phtm63mxalb2wtspofcodku5lwofiyoupda4n4uc6cfjuzid.onion/selif/8cmz0606.png – The post (the ***single*** post)

http://linx4f75phtm63mxalb2wtspofcodku5lwofiyoupda4n4uc6cfjuzid.onion/selif/hjab00g6.png – The ban for spamming the community, I guess. Actually, the ban for criticizing something that has, at best, a rocky foundation/motive.

This just counts as more evidence of it being a scam to me – if it’s not, then prove me wrong and let’s see all those meth test results roll into the sub to justify the already $500+ he’s gotten for this.

jesus christ.

Edit: Just received word back from 9000. He says you’re not allowed to shit talk a harm reduction program. I said ” If it has a rocky foundation from a questionable owner, it absolutely 100% fucking does. “
Edit Edit: was just told to call him out in public, so here I am. http://linx4f75phtm63mxalb2wtspofcodku5lwofiyoupda4n4uc6cfjuzid.onion/selif/mmvap9a1.png

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