YourPharm Ketamine S-Isomer 1g Sample Review

Vendor DetailsProduct Details
Market: DD
Vendor Name: YourPharm
Escrow Listing: No
Product: 1g Ketamine S-Isomer Sample
Quality (1-10): 10
Customer ServiceShipping / Stealth
Clear Sales Terms: Yes. It was a free sample. They gave me a free product, in exchange for nothing. Except, I’m assuming, this review.
PM Response Time: I was pretty quick to get on the sample. I have post history, they were kind enough to send a gram.
Easy to work with: Yes
Accepted / Shipped times: I think it was a matter of days from message till I was informed of it’s arrival.
Printed shipping label: Yes
Stealth (Please be vague): Well done. Multiple layers, could withstand quite a thrashing. Always a fan of multiple layers. Very good.
Product Pictures and description Just the product. Sorry about the date, formatting a review requires me to actually have 15 uninterrupted minutes. Also, I put yourpharma, because I am stupid. The correct vendor name is YourPharm without the A. I’m sure you get the jist.
Personal experience / thoughts on product and order
This was my first time doing Ketamine. I split the gram with a long time vet who spoke very, very highly of this. I tested it with Zimmerman reagant (positive as ketamine), I tested it with fent and xylazine strips (obviously negative), negative for barbs and opioids (dk reagant and marquis) and since the vendor is also known for their speed powder I tested with marquis twice. No adulterants. Good, clean, pure K. Overall fantastic experience from /u/yourpharm – and I thank them for letting me get a sample. Especially if they looked over my post history and saw what a nutcase I am. I still don’t know if Ketamine is for me – it was fun but maybe not my cup of tea. My friend fucking loved it. But I am happy to say yourpharms product passed every test I could throw at it and I want to endorse them, their quality service and quality product.

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